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[1388] Artist: Kohii Title: Fly With Me Time: 262 min
Pic #1388

[View Animation]
Kohii Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 10:52 PM

Yaaay I wanna make a nifty picture... o-o So I shall. <3

Star Dragon Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 10:59 PM

=O Loveing those poses! The left hind leg on the on left one is realy cool looking! Can't wait to see finished. =D

Zoku Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 11:17 PM

Awwh.... <3
You draw the nicest eyes. .o. AND POSES. <3 I'm glad to see you drawing here. ^___^
Your fursona is so cute. XD I saw her on your DA.

Yuki Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 11:44 PM

i love the poses, espcially the right one

Kohii Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 11:54 PM

Huuray ^^ I'm really glad you guys like it =3 <3

Moon Thursday, October 12th 2006, 12:15 AM

Aaaaaah! This is so cute. <333333333 Your lines are win. <3

sparrow Thursday, October 12th 2006, 12:34 AM

Ohhh she's so cute ;o; I love the straight-on view of her, such a cute little face x3 and I agree with zoku, you draw eyes so prettily <3

Warreh Sunday, October 22nd 2006, 8:45 PM

Safety Archived.

[1193] Artist: SROA_Katamari Title: SROA KATAMARI Time: 1383 min
Pic #1193

[View Animation]
SROA_Katamari Monday, October 9th 2006, 5:29 AM
wow this is HUGE o_o
anyway, hopefulyl by the end it'll be nice and not so white...
Welcome to the the SROA katamari project as it's only starting out...

This is gonna work alot like the SRAFamily pic's Kalico lead last year, only with katamari flavor. I (Misuteru) am gonna give the password to this account to one member at a time and have them draw thier fursona/persona stuck (or going to be stuck) to this giant white katamari, all i ask of people doing this is dpn't make yours massive (massive = as big as the katamari), or really tiny (tiny = xD; about the size of gradient kitty...if everyone's that small it'll leave gaps)and maybe if it's not too much to ask for people to do it in solids, so as it's easier to put in a BG and some of them don't stivk out amoung the rest kk? So far these are the people who have already said they want to join, I'll keep these people in the profile for later and they can check themselves off as they finish...

Full list is profile smiley

and more people are welcome to join as well, just say do and Ill add you to the list...

(Edit: Ok, this took forever to do my little half cuz my computer kept freezing up and i was scared id lose it but... FINALLY done with my part! smiley
Whos next? :0
♥ Killy )

PLEASE O-MAIL MISUTERU WITH REQUESTS TO JOIN xDD;;; I can't keep track of them otherwise and I'll prolly miss you

Kat; Sorry Roon looks so..big..and stupid. :'D

(Edited on October 14, 2006, 5:23 am)

Yuki Sunday, October 8th 2006, 6:20 AM

what if people don't draw big enough, or there isn't enough members and there's gonne be a gap in the ball? D:

SROA_Katamari Sunday, October 8th 2006, 6:23 AM
@Ryu: isn't it xD;;

@Yuki: hopefully we can avoid that if enought peole join... but if there is a gap, katamari's are pretty? and someone or myself can draw in the Katamari?

@CatInYourCloset: Should i add you to the list then? it might be a while until it's your turn. and give you time to find the ref

(Edited on October 8, 2006, 6:24 am)

Naill Sunday, October 8th 2006, 6:42 AM

if you need a space filler, Ill be one :3

BK~ Sunday, October 8th 2006, 2:57 PM

Ugh I wish I could do this on this computer DDD:

I'll join once my computer is back from the shop c:

Hanyoutai Monday, October 9th 2006, 5:36 AM

*raises hand* I wanna be in there too!
*coughs* But uhh... what they said. What's a katamari?

Killjoy Monday, October 9th 2006, 5:39 AM

theres a bajillion comments so im just gonna delete old comments that arent super important (like ones that say "i wanna join" and already have been added) so if you dont see yer comment there, blame me x3

Talikira Monday, October 9th 2006, 5:40 AM

Go ahead KJ. :0

I love your part. XD "Crap"

Killjoy Monday, October 9th 2006, 5:46 AM

i wish there was a faster way to delete old comments other than doing it one-by-one xD

whoot, im so excited to see this finished! im sure by the time i get my own pad and a computer and net set up it'll be pretty full smiley

Rei/areautena Monday, October 9th 2006, 5:48 AM

lawl, oekaki's default horizontal mode makes this seem even longer. Time to switch to vertical format!

Killjoy Monday, October 9th 2006, 5:51 AM


i always used vertical view mode, i love it so much better... makes things so less cluttered smiley

yay for bad grammar on my part! woot 83

Howling Voice Monday, October 9th 2006, 6:21 AM

I wanna join =D

Dr. Phil Monday, October 9th 2006, 9:36 AM


CatInYourCloset Monday, October 9th 2006, 10:52 AM

Omg, Killjoy.... XDDD Yours is the shit forreal.

sardine Monday, October 9th 2006, 1:25 PM
lol i like how your tail says crap

whos the green guy. thats so hot

Flash Monday, October 9th 2006, 3:34 PM

I so want to join this. xD

NekoYasha Monday, October 9th 2006, 6:38 PM


Snowager Monday, October 9th 2006, 7:09 PM
lol...interesting..i wanna be in it :>

Lemur Monday, October 9th 2006, 10:24 PM

count me in!!

Misuteru Tuesday, October 10th 2006, 1:31 AM

: D okay! you're all added to the list!

MisstressOfDOOM Tuesday, October 10th 2006, 9:52 PM

Right here, in.

Star Dragon Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 10:56 PM

oh! Add me to the list! I didn't get to do this last year! ^^; Lovely so far!

Rhyu Thursday, October 12th 2006, 4:37 AM

Please add me onto the list. I always miss out on these things ;__; -hugsifyoudo-

Sachi Saturday, October 14th 2006, 5:23 AM

count me in smiley

Killjoy Sunday, October 15th 2006, 3:07 AM



Lime Sunday, October 15th 2006, 7:51 PM


x'D I think im in love with blue's.

(Edited on February 18, 2007, 6:57 pm)

[1722] Artist: Flash Title: COLLABORIFIC! Time: 302 min
Pic #1722

[View Animation]
Flash Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 8:56 PM

Gonna be a collab with RebornInsomniac smiley *excited*

GAH, I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the sketch xD; I still don't know if I'm really happy with Ayumi's pose, but...I suppose I could always tweak it later. I was going to sketch in a background idea but...I just wanted to send this in already |D

@...RI (What do you like to be called? I need something shorter than RebornInsomniac xD; ) I hope this is okay 8D; I can always change it around. Oh, and I'll omail you my password right away :3

Milikii Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:06 PM

Well, I'd say it payed off. Awesome sketch. =3

ZombifiedWolf Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:07 PM

Your perspective is amazing. This is only a sketch and it's overflowing with amazingness. xDD

Hanako Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:16 PM

O_O So good. I'm so stalking this picture!

RebornInsomniac Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:20 PM

Awesome movement! =D I'm diggin' this pose. <3

You can call me Kiruko...or even Rebo if you want. XD

Flash Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:21 PM

Yeah, I was thinking Kiruko, but I wasn't sure if you were still going by that name. xDD

Rocketship Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:31 PM

Ohhhh my god. This is just gonna be.. Like. Jaw-droppingly awesome when its done.

elf Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:36 PM

the perspectivvee is so lovelyy ♥
and i love how you draw humans <:

Talikira Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:38 PM

The perspective... the... everything... .o.; Oh my gawd, wow. this is so awesome.

May I point something out? xD It just looks like the nose is lopsided. Not the snout, just the nose. .o.

Flash Wednesday, July 5th 2006, 9:41 PM

Tali--Does it really? o__o I can't...really tell xD;

OH, now I see what you're saying xD That's not a snout, actually...the hatched part that looks like a nose is really just the underside of her nose. I just have a funky way of drawing noses. xD

(Edited on July 5, 2006, 9:43 pm)

[420] Artist: SRAFamily2 Title: DUN DUN DUN! Time: 1 min
Pic #420

[View Animation]
SRAFamily2 Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 7:56 PM
-dulted for size, but please look x3-

Big thanks to all the lovely people who drew themselves x3. <3 And yayness. And yes, I Kalico drew that ugly background x3;;;. Ah well. It's all like SNOW YEY.

People included in this picture:
elf~ DONE'd BD <3
Naill- Done :3 I really want those earmuffs :0
Koi - Sorry, I took too long. 8D; Done. I like leaves.
Yuki- :DDD finished!
Toto-Over and out! I think I probably shoud be colder, seeing as I have no fur xD
Flash-Estoy terminado 8D *snuggles in her hoodie*
Psycho- Imma finished! nwn Like my scarf ;D ?
Troggy- Finally done! Me and psycho have sexy scarves ;DD
Daguu-You know I'm cute...sittin there touchin Naill's butt..oh yes xD
lilhasu-DONE -again- ;0; evil oekaki ate my last one...i made the scarf less elaborate for this one cuz i'm lazy. smiley also erased flash's evil line
vulpix3337~ every one else is solid pixels... vully looks a little out of place..
Neko--(kalico: is done, but wouldn't send, so I'll copy and paste it in smiley)
BlueFox - DONEOMG.
Trust me to put FMA somewhere in my part. xD;;;
Rei/areautena - Terminado. I have no idea why I chose to do watercolors, nor the clothes, nor why she is flying on a big leaf, but I am glad.
Miss Fishi- Whoot! done! 8D For wouldn't send, and I was sad. But...apparently it did, so yay. And yes, I actually own that mum made it! 8D
Zee Mango - ALL DONE C: hee. I look a bit big but HEY i'm happy enough with the end product. your turn, stroggy <3
Stroggy - bingo bango! all done... again. xD; hope the oekaki doesn't EAT IT this time.
Talikira - 8D I got moved to this one! Lookit my fat birdy form! xD; And my mansona is wearing a shirt! AMAZING.
Moon - ^w^ I was added here and now I am DOONNNEEE. x3 This is so awesome. <3 Fear my craptastic mouse skills! xDDD;

And maybe an admin can rearchive this? I feel that it's worthy (I can say that since I, Kalico, did not draw anything in this but thebg x33). Oh, and then it could be kept in SRA history :'D.

Warreh Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:00 PM

Done. C:

This loosk great. x3

ZombifiedWolf Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:01 PM

It came out amazing! o^o (To all you who drew in it. (8 )

I agree that they should all stay archived. It's kind of just, a nice thing to have to show the SROA family spirit. XD

(Edited on January 6, 2007, 8:18 pm)

Fushi Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:01 PM

EII! I'm not in the advanced but...YAY! XDDD

That's some teamwork right there! All the different art styles and still it pawns. Good job to all who drew in this! ^-~

Naill Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:01 PM

smiley YAY everyone did a fantastic job!

blue-girl Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:02 PM

Everyone did a really good job. smiley

Miss Fishi Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:03 PM

ZOMGYAY! 8D This turned out so great! Who made those clouds? .0.

Kalico Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:05 PM

Miss Fishi: XD I did x333. nwn

And, yep, everyone did do a fabulous job smiley -is commenting in her own account instead of just leaving her comment in SRAFamily2-. I LOVE how everyone seems to be ineracting and no one really looks out of place--somehow, it all ended up blending so well! smiley I especially love the scarves XDD. Everyone's gotten into the fashion x3.

chelsey2713 Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:07 PM

I wanna do it. >-<;

Zee Mango Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:15 PM

awww this is SOGREAT Kalico ; ;! you did a wonderful job on the bg, and everyone in general did great <:0 cheers *clicksave*

Daguu Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:24 PM

Yay! I'm happily touching Naill's bootay in my happy lil corner of happy with all the other happy people smiley. This was such a great idea <33

Toto Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:29 PM

Fantastic!!1 Everyone did an awesome job smiley

Babs Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 8:37 PM

Yay! *sets as bg*

Psycho Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 9:04 PM

AAWW!! @w@ That came out BOOTIFUL TwT!! <333

Roy Tuesday, November 29th 2005, 9:28 PM

This turned out really well. =D Nice bg idea and good job everybody 83 Good luck Kalico on the other bg pics.. xD

[859] Artist: vulpix3337 Title: snow fun Time: 342 min
Pic #859

[View Animation]
vulpix3337 Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:41 PM

i wonder whenill get this finished... im glad its still here

(Edited on March 30, 2006, 2:51 am)

Angel of Darkness Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:42 PM

:3 wonderful. the pic number is worying me.. mind if i safety-archive just-in-case?

Time: 499 min

(Edited on November 18, 2005, 5:46 pm)

elf Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:44 PM

..WEE I SEE ME 8D <333
owo your xD this is awsome <33

Dunquareiel Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:45 PM


Anyone who is in it is AWESOME! I guess this will take a little bit of time to finish... XD

I can't wait to see it finished. SO. COOL!

Corvidophile Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:45 PM

8D WOW!.. This will turn out amazing!

vulpix3337 Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:47 PM

Angel of Darkness, only if its ok with everyone else

Warana Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:48 PM

Wooow, this is so awesome V xD We all look so cool ; ; I LOOK COOL! smiley Rei looks so psycho cute xD and Sadil and Somas are awesome D: and Dobieface and Zokus are just. Dude. You got mad skills ; ; <33

Flash Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:50 PM

@__@ This is so going to be archived when it's done xD

ZombifiedWolf Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:50 PM

I see me! smiley <3

Ohmygosh. I envy your patience. <3

Dobie Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:50 PM

8D I SEE ME. O': you drew me so sexyifully. :3
i think this should stay safety archived, can't see how anyone would have any objections to it. smiley

Sadistic-Faerie Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:52 PM

Wow, i love this smiley
Could i be in it..?
<3 <3

shaftt Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:56 PM
i think you missed me? well if you can fit heres the reff

this is amazing by the way!

Dreizhen Friday, November 18th 2005, 5:58 PM

will you still take a few more people for this?
I understnad if you woln't, its hella uber crowded. XD

Toto Friday, November 18th 2005, 6:00 PM

Lookit! I get to perch on Zoku's head smiley Absolutely amazing--doesn't seem like there should be any reason for it to ever become unarchived C:

vulpix3337 Friday, November 18th 2005, 6:00 PM

im sorry but i dont want it to be too crowded i may be able to fit j.toasty in because she asked first but no one else. im sorry. TT-TT *feels bad*
i want to add everyone but i cant
1) it would kill me. i plan on doing watercolor lineart
2)no room...

(Edited on November 18, 2005, 6:07 pm)

Rei/areautena Friday, November 18th 2005, 6:03 PM

HOLY SHIT you win.
You win you win you win you win!! O: O: O:

Holy wowbaggers. And I see me, too! <3 <3 AAAAA they are all so cool..

zoole Friday, November 18th 2005, 6:04 PM

Wow, the sketch is gorgeous. I recognize a few people. smiley
This is going to be amazing when it's done. <3

Talikira Friday, November 18th 2005, 6:11 PM

Holy freaking.. AWESOMMEEE. OMG. xD THIS IS SO AWESOME! And I see meee! 8D; Though there's something wrong with the snout. X3; But that's okay. smiley This is gonna be so freaking awesome. *-*;

Kalico Friday, November 18th 2005, 6:16 PM

OMG this is stunning beyond all comprehensio :OOOOO. Wow wow wow. I love how I look, of course XDD. Can't wait to see this done :O

Hina Friday, November 18th 2005, 6:54 PM

.... i love you.. forever! i am sooo gonna owe you!

Naill Friday, November 18th 2005, 9:25 PM

smiley ISEEME <3333333

Naill Friday, November 18th 2005, 9:26 PM

OHOHOHOHOHOHOH, naills spines have changed to a furry mass on the back of her neck, look at my ref on dA to see it :3

pikatuff Saturday, November 19th 2005, 9:41 AM
Wow! This looks awsome! Yay! I can't wait to se it finished!

[696] Artist: SRAFamily3 Title: Group Pic 3 Time: 1925 min
Pic #696

[View Animation]
SRAFamily3 Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:45 PM
...yes, I, Kalico, am making a third group pic ^^;;;;. There were 47 people doing it on just 2 pics, and I realized how freaking little room that 47th person would have, so now there are 15 on this canvas smiley. Plus, those 15, who were at the bottom of the list, will get to draw sooner! ^_____^ smiley

Ralli-Rah - (I'm finished! :3)
zoole (done! Oversized toques pwn and you know it.)
NekoYasha (DUN DUN DONE! Fear my poor-person gloves and inablility to make a convincing denim jacket.)
Zoku (Desert-dwellers aren't well-suited to the cold. XD; *wraps self in blanket*)
Blacky D- Done! smiley Swingin' on a candy cane! *licks it* Crap my tongues stuck. ;_;
April Nicole (DONE lol.. yes i wear skirts in the winter/fall xDD)
silverroseblue (whoohoo! DONE! mm....floofay jacket ~<3 xD I finally drew my glasses right.... )
Flame_002: i wish i had a scarf like that :O --all done smiley---
Pyshc Bunny--done
AnimeCat-- done
Dunquareiel-- I'm done. I kinda realized it's LARGE. Since she's behind everyone, I hope that's okay. I just couldn't help myself.
Kenta-- I be done yeahs >:o
Keeko- WOOH BEI'S COLD. ]:

17 total
NO MORE MAY JOIN unless there's room at the end x3.
Or I am forced to make a group pic 4 xD

I'll omail Ralli in un minuto the password n___n.

(Edited on October 26, 2005, 6:09 pm)

(Edited on November 12, 2005, 2:06 pm)

(Edited on November 22, 2005, 6:58 pm)

(Edited on November 22, 2005, 10:59 pm)

(Edited on November 30, 2005, 4:10 pm)

(Edited on December 1, 2005, 6:06 pm)

SRAFamily3 Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:50 PM
And if you're an admin, then please for the love of cheese, Archive this smiley.

Darkraii Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:52 PM

Could we do this every 4 montehs or every season smiley? I want to joing but Im not accepted yet, though I'll tryout in Dec. :0

Really great idea smiley

Psycho Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:53 PM

xD! YAY! More room ;3 Dooh, half of of meh friends got tooken outta mine :B

Shoplift Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:53 PM
I'd love to be in this; but I'm not in advanced yet...

AnimeCat Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:55 PM

could i be in it? smiley

Warreh Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:55 PM

Can I be moved from the first one to this one, if there's no problem? D: I hate drawing in crowded spaces.

Kalico Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:55 PM

Dark: I hope we can smiley. Maybe not every 4 months, prolly more like 6, cuz I'm already dying from the organixation involved with this...XDD. So...many...oemails....and I have to create lots of lists of people in Notepad x3. So, we'll see if this is a success, though so far my plan is workingggggg *evilmwhahaha...oo;*

Psycho: aww....I'm sorry D:. But, would you rather have squished, flattened along the sides friends, or happy, full friends? 8DDD -shoed...or better yet, emptycanvas'd-

BlueFox Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:58 PM

-just noticed the pic number has 69 in it-
-typed lust instead of just-

Well all three canvases are going to be Photoshop'd together, aren't they? 8O

Kalico Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:58 PM

Anime: yay, yup, you can be the one smiley. *goes to add name*

Warreh: well, if I moved ya, you'd be further down on this list...and you're pretty high up on the first list, meaning that you'll have lotsa room x3. But if ya really want me to, I will smiley. It just means that you'll prolly be drawing in an even more cramped space xD;;

Blue: yup! smiley smiley smiley I'm gonna do the bg there so I can make it continuing x3.

(Edited on October 11, 2005, 8:59 pm)

Dreizhen Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:58 PM

MAy i be in one? 8D''

Warreh Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 8:58 PM

Well bah. smiley

Darkraii Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 9:03 PM

Okay ^-^

Akuatic Insayn Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 9:14 PM

:< I was hoping I could be in one...

Talikira Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 9:19 PM

|D Haha, I just noticed that you spelt my name 'Talikara' on the other one.. XD; *dies*

zoole Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 9:24 PM


Wow, we actually need three? Jus' wow. o.o

Moon Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 9:42 PM

Crap, I missed the big rush for entering the group pics... TTnTT Oh well.

Killjoy Wednesday, October 12th 2005, 1:59 PM

Can I join? ;_;
im part of the family too arent i? <:3

MisstressOfDOOM Saturday, October 22nd 2005, 1:17 AM

If there's space at the end, I'd like to join please smiley

Harlequin Demon Saturday, October 22nd 2005, 11:51 PM

Yee. 8'D Allah you are doin' so wunnaful. -squirm- I wish I was on when everyone was signing up. -smackforehead- ohwell. <3

Rei/areautena Tuesday, November 1st 2005, 3:07 AM

luckily, there will be space leftover for sure! O:

blue-girl Friday, November 4th 2005, 10:18 PM

...Why do half the people here have SCARVES? xD
Everyone's doing a really good job on these. .0. ::plaudits::

Blacky D Sunday, November 6th 2005, 3:32 PM

Why did these stop to a dead halt? D:

Corvidophile Monday, November 7th 2005, 7:07 PM

I dunno, but I hope that they don't just.. die off. That would suck after all the work that's gone into them.

Kalico Monday, November 7th 2005, 7:43 PM

They aren't dying....well, they kinda are. BUT I mailed the people who I already told to go to stop since they didn't do anything x_x...and I'm mailing the people next on the list smiley.

[44] Artist: SRAfamily Title: GROUP PICTURE Time: 3581 min
Pic #44

[View Animation]
SRAfamily Saturday, October 8th 2005, 3:46 PM
smiley smiley smiley
Like, look, it's begun! Like, yayness smiley smiley smiley
Okay, so here's group pic collab number One. When I email the password to the next person, I'll include the rules, so I don't clutter up this page with them x3.
Included on this picture will be (in this order): (and put "done" by your name when you're finished, as well as a comment smiley)

KALICO: done--Hooray, look at my scarf!
mikahla: DUHN. LMAO. I just realized I forgot one part of my fursona. Oh dear. OH WELL 8)
Sachi: Mwuhahaha i have completed to evil deed 83
Vani-kins: Tuhduh .o.
Finished~! smiley
Sarya San-DONE. lD
Half-assed and looks incomplete BUTIRDONE. XD
Corvidophile- Fin. Heh, didn't look at your comment in time, Mikahla..oh well. xD;
Warreh- Unshaded, but done. ;D
Kaydee - OHEHMGEE SUNNY PLZ READ. D: I am done. HOWEVER. It takes a day or two for my finished product to show(it did that same thing for my sketch) So if you could like....<3;; Um, not start yours untill mine shows? I am awfully sorry about it, but that's what Avast does. D: Sorries. <3~; BUT DONE HOMAHGAWDSZ.
Sunflic┐ 8D;;; I'mma.. done.. omg wtf. D: OKee... uhm.. yep... .... xD Enjoy its ugliness?
Psycho Lugia -- Baconpie. smiley Finished!
chaoskitten: =D Done! >3> There is no ground like in the other few group pics... xD hah...oh well...yay! OwO
Roy|| Okay. Finisheeed. I couldn't help it.. xD -loves scarves- Too bad it never gets cold for more than two days here >.>
Sonja: Finished! Wow... hard to find room in there. I lost my other bootie. O.o'; But I got a faerie snack, so yay!

16 for this, and there will be a little over 16 on the next x3. Do not draw your picture bigger than 300x300 (printscreen your sketch and check in paint to see if its the right size). 200x200 is prefered, although I didn't even do that xD;;.

The group theme for this picture is: Winter is coming/fall! So make your characters appropiately dressed/good looking for autumn/winter smiley. I'll do the bg when it's all done.
And the characters MAY overlap; they'll probably HAVE to XD;.
And merge your layers when done to layer 1 smiley.

Comment on the pic(s) as well, guys! smiley

Oh, and look at the animation for further instructions n__n.

(Edited on November 9, 2005, 10:23 pm)

(Edited on November 10, 2005, 12:07 pm)

(Edited on December 30, 2005, 5:43 am)

Darkeh Saturday, October 8th 2005, 3:54 PM

Wow awesome idea

Naill Saturday, October 8th 2005, 3:54 PM

smiley hooray! I love your scarf and the shading is great as always :3

Psycho Saturday, October 8th 2005, 3:55 PM

Aiii smiley!!!! SOOO CUTE ^0^ I wonder who I'm with o.o

Vani-kins Saturday, October 8th 2005, 3:55 PM

Eee,its looking great so far~ 8D

and i love the theme...winter is the best <3

Talikira Saturday, October 8th 2005, 4:00 PM

|D Oops, I forgot to o-mail you. xD; Ah well, no matter. |3;

I'm sure this will turn out great though. 8D

Hanako Saturday, October 8th 2005, 4:05 PM

Could I possibly join? This look like it'll be so fun =D
I love the picture so far 8D Very very very cute!!

elf Saturday, October 8th 2005, 4:14 PM

fasfhjd i cant wait till the next one smiley <3 looks great so far x3
great idea :3

chaoskitten Saturday, October 8th 2005, 4:26 PM

x3 This is gonna be so cool...already is so far!
Cant wait till my turn! =D

*looks back at hers* Ewwww....its so...BAD. O^o

(Edited on April 13, 2006, 8:49 pm)

dream Saturday, October 15th 2005, 8:01 PM
The sign on the hat is the Live 8 sign, isn't it?

Corvidophile Thursday, October 20th 2005, 8:00 PM

Haha! War's horn-warmers... xD

SRAfamily Saturday, October 22nd 2005, 5:29 PM
I'm working on it 8D; It's HUGE for my freaking computer so it takes FOREVER to draw XDDDD;;;

SRAfamily Tuesday, October 25th 2005, 6:44 PM
rofl. btw. this was kaydee. XD;

(Edited on October 25, 2005, 6:48 pm)

Rei/areautena Wednesday, November 9th 2005, 2:14 AM

AAAAA, unadulted and rules pasted in the desc? wha? D:
Haha, yeah chaoskitten, this is much more of a crazy paintchat than the other ones.
<3 the snowmann.

Babs Thursday, November 10th 2005, 3:04 AM

wow...i dunt think theres any room left

SRAfamily Thursday, November 10th 2005, 12:09 PM
I managed to squeeze in there! Good luck you last two. xD

And oh my, how is Kalico gonna draw a background to this? XD

Cosmic-Angell Saturday, January 5th 2008, 1:03 AM

This is really cool!

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